About me

Economist with 6+ yrs of experience in both the private and public sector, results-oriented with a data-driven mindset.

Generating business insights from data.

Versatile, analytical and hard-working, I have excelled in all of my previous jobs thanks to my logical thinking and research skills, every decision has to be backed up by reliable and comprehensive data.

Passionate about data analysis: proficient on Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Ongoing advanced training on R, SQL and Tableau.

Being an economist has given me the opportunity to diversify my work choices and therefore I was able to develop several skills, I’ve worked in both public and private sector here in Mexico, sometimes both at the same time even though it was hard to manage it was highly enriching. My objective was to learn from both and acquire the best practices of them.

My Skills

I believe in the fact that learning never stops, thanks to my curiosity along with a strong foundation in economics and it’s tools, I have been able to develop several skills which complement my analytical capabilities.



Office MS


Tableau (ongoing training)

R (ongoing training)

Stata & EViews



Sytrenx Transportation, S.A. de C.V.


  • Created an Excel dashboard containing all the routes made the last three years with our four T660 vehicles and their average expenses to check for atypical scenarios.
  • Established a method to check on fuel efficiency and its correct usage.
  • Forecast the expected profit per destination, thus  taking the most profitable ones (and hiring out the rest) according to their approximate times on route, expenses and links with other destinations.
  • Approve and supervise maintenance of the units and manage repairs in a timely manner, monitor traffic during the trip and any unforeseen events that may arise from it.
  • Making the first approach to the financial statements of the company, as well as insurance and legal handling.

Naucalpan City Council


  • Write bills and speeches seeking to generate a substantial improvement in the inhabitants of the municipality.
  • Investigation for the commissions that were chaired: Commission on Violence against Women and Commission on Water, Drainage and Sewerage.
  • Investigation on the economic situation of the City Water Organism and its budget execution. as well as, creation of various proposals to improve its financial and operational performance.

Mexican Senate


  • Part of a multidisciplinary research team as a statistician/economics lead responsible of creating and analysing law initiatives.
  • Creation of a City Council Management Indicator (similar to a KPI), which yields useful results to compare the administration between different Council Presidents.